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Main » 2010 » August » 14 » Photo and Video: Nina Hagen in Karlsruhe - Фото и Видео: Нина Хаген в Карлсруэ
Photo and Video: Nina Hagen in Karlsruhe - Фото и Видео: Нина Хаген в Карлсруэ

09.08.2010 Nina Hagen & Band played at Zeltfest in Karlsruhe. Thanks to Jana and Zephyr for help.
More photos are available in our Gallery.

Riders On The Storm (thanks to MusicazoidBox)

God's Radar


Hava Nagila


Milky White Way


Nobody's Fault But Mine (thanks to TheMakoto06)

Some Koma

Das Veilchen

Больше фотографий доступно в нашей Галерее.
09.08.2010 Nina Hagen & Band играли на Цельтфесте в Карлсруэ. Спасибо Яне и Зефир за помощь.

Views: 1392 | Added by: RW | Tags: карлсруэ, Цельтфест, Nina Hagen, Нина Хаген, Tollhaus, Zeltfest, Karlsruhe | Rating: 5.0/2
Total comments: 17
16 Matthías  

I'm trying to download the Paris (Cité de la Musique) concert, and I think I will get it! ;)
If I can, I'll upload it for all who wants it.

See you later.

17 RW  
WOOOOOOOW!!! tongue
Por favor, write in the shoutbox (Tag Board - right side of the site) if you get it!

14 Matthías  
Thank you RW. I can´t watch the concert. I mean, I can, but not as I would like to do it. I will search the forum of this site.

Sorry for my bad English :S

15 RW  
Thank you, too, I can't watch the concert either the way I want - technical problems as well. Don't worry, your English is brilliant! wink

12 Matthías  
Ooooh, I see. I would like to see her live here. Don't you know if she will come to South America? But I remember, on Facebook her profile commented a photo saying she would come to SouthAmerica, but...

Another question. I found a lot of great bootlegs of her concerts. I would loke to know if there some bootleg from 2006-2007-2008 Tour. I know she was touring with the Capital Dance Orquestra.

Thanks in advance.

13 RW  
Let's carry these questions to the forum, so everybody who knows could write back? smile
I don't know about those concerts, but I know the link to the whole concert in France - Paris:
If you have fast internet, you can watch! I can't cry
I also hope somebody can save it to the computer.
Yes, she said North and South America will be after Europe! wink

10 Matthías  
Hello RW

¿Hablas español? I'm from Argentina.
Thanks for answer me. It means there will be another cd this year! An amazing new :)

11 RW  
Hi! happy
I tried to study spanish many years ago! La verdad! tongue
A new album this year would be fantastic, but I think there is not much time till its end. Next year is more probable. But we are waiting! Soy espero!

8 Matthías  
Hello everyone!

I love Nina Hagen and her music :P
I have a question, Does anyone know anything about Soma Koma? Will this be released any time?

Thanks and greetings!

9 RW  
¡Buenos días, Matthías!
Soma Koma, Killer, Boom and others are expected on her next CD, which is coming in a few months following Personal Jesus! wink

4 Jenufa  
MEEE!!! biggrin This concert in Karlsruhe was great! and im happy Nicole and others shared with us so great videos!!!!
I LOVE DAS VEILCHEN and SOMA KOMA and everything happy

5 RW  
Thanks! Were some of those videos made by Nicole? I didn't know. I love all of them, too!

6 Jenufa  
yeah, the videos Das Veilchen, Soma Coma and Nobody's fault but mine happy ...and the new one - Hava Nagila from Trier is also Nicole's video smile

7 RW  
Thanks, now I see!

2 Rony  
Суперская подборка! Спасибо!

3 RW  
Тебе спасибо! smile

1 RW  
Кто-нибудь собирается комментировать? Скучно!
Is anybody going to comment? Boring!

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