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My favourite song from Volksbeat is - Моя любимая песня песня из Бита Народа
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70. Irvingcere   (08.09.2016 18:38) E-mail
Thank you very much for this great site I found very interesting indeed with a nice interface, easy navigation. It is really great! Congratulations and good luck .
<a href=> Your answer is here</a>

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69. JON   (11.06.2016 08:04) E-mail
Hi, I like to download the video of Rock in Rio 1985, but Part 1 is missing, I would appreciate very much if you can fix it. Thank you smile
Answer: Hi, sorry for delay, thanks for reporting, ready, as well as all tours so far.

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68. DominicMace   (25.08.2015 13:27) E-mail

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67. Igor Faria Rocha   (23.05.2014 03:35) E-mail
We are at 2014. I was born in 1986. I live in Brazil. Nina, why do I love you?
Answer: Nina loves Brazil, she once said she was going to visit it next tour.

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66. Marcia Oliveira   (22.11.2013 08:08) E-mail
Nina cantou com Supla Garota de Berlim!! Conheci essa canção quando era criança,inesquecível!! kiss
Answer: With Tokyo Band!

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65. Hans, Mari & Schniterry   (12.01.2013 10:54) E-mail
Come back to Portland, Oregon! We love you here!
Answer: Don't worry, she won't pass the USA by when she comes with her tour, besides Portland is one of those places, you know...

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64. Hank DIMA ORGAZM Punksexsadomazo   (19.08.2012 23:49) E-mail
Я и моя любимая талантливая певица гениальная Nina Hagen Панк Богиня Богинь=)=)
Answer: Интересное фото!

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63. claude boulanger   (14.08.2012 21:04) E-mail
biggrin Très beau travail!!!!!
Answer: Merci beaucoup!

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62. omnamahshivay !   (02.08.2012 01:46)
Answer: Yes, that show ;-)

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61. David   (21.07.2012 00:35) E-mail
anyone know if this means this is a english translation?
I can't tell what language this amazon link is in...
I recently heard Nina say they were working in an english translation of this book...
Answer: It's French, Confessions haven't been released in English yet; except French it is already in German, Swedish and Dutch (if I'm not mistaken). Yes, I also heard the English version is in works.

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60. David   (02.07.2012 23:43) E-mail
Anyone know of any links to an English translation of Volksbeat Lyrics ?
Answer: If anyone contributes lyrics, we may have the translations after:

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59. David   (21.06.2012 23:45) E-mail
It is absolute T O R T U R E to not be able to read any of "Thats Why The Lady Is A Punk" . I have had it for several years now and I can't believe the wealth of text that is available.
It is a shame that her englisg fan base isn't big enough to spare the expense of an english printing.
Anyone know of a way to get 1000 pages of german translated into English ???
Answer: Yes, David, this is the problem. We all are waiting now for her new book "Confessions" to be translated (for me at least) into English (I'm Russian). I think now the only way for us is to use internet translators to get more or less clear content.
As for her fan-base, I believe English-speaking one is the major one, as most fans around the world are first of all English-speaking either way.

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58. Мама   (13.06.2012 08:59) E-mail
Михаил! С днём рождения!!! kiss
Answer: Мама, спасибо большое!!!

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57. Lone from Denmark   (08.06.2012 14:24) E-mail
Dear Nina. My husbund and I are happy to listen to you - now for 25 years. I was so lucky to hear you in Astra Kulturhaus in Mai - but without my husbund. Now we celebrate our 25 weedingday in Berlin in September, and we wpuld so much like to hear you there on tre 15. Sep. But I cannot find where and where to buy tickets to the show on that day. Please help us! We are looking forward to see and hear you! smile
Answer: Hi dear Lone, thank you for the outstanding entry. Nina Hagen could directly answer this question in her private guest-book, just copy & paste it here:

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56. Spazzy Lazzy   (04.06.2012 17:39) E-mail
Wow, cool site. Peace wink
Answer: And Love! Thanks! :-)

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