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25. R. Harris   (08.09.2011 02:21) E-mail
I wonder if there is any chance that Nina & band will be doing a (any) gigs in the UK in 2012
Answer: In 2012 maybe, there were questions from UK fans before, she said she'd love to, let's hope for this.

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24. David Buckle   (31.08.2011 14:12) E-mail
Answer: :-D

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23. Андрей Драгунов [Silvergold]   (09.05.2011 11:46)
Нужен. ещё как нужен. Спасибо happy
Answer: Тебе спасибо за отзыв!

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22. major gruber   (20.03.2011 16:11) E-mail
Your site is fabulous! thank you for the updates and the exellent work .... A lot of consideration for you ^ ^ Misha smile wink
Answer: Renaud!!! You are great! Grand merci! happy

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21. Nani   (19.03.2011 11:17)
Very nice page. Keep up the great work. cool smile best wishes from Sweden.
Answer: Welcome, Nani, and tack! ;-)

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20. Fernanda Hanna [fernandahanna]   (13.03.2011 18:45)
I like so much this site! congratulations!!! It´s very, very great.
Answer: Thank you very much! Come again! :-)

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19. fernandahanna   (13.03.2011 18:42) E-mail
This site is very, very great!!! congratulations!!! I love so much!!! biggrin
Answer: You are very sweet!

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18. Sammy D   (11.03.2011 16:57) E-mail
What a FANTASTIC site! Thank you for sharing this with me! I can't wait to check out all of this videos!!!! I guess I know what I am doing this Weekend!

love life and peace!!!! biggrin

Sammy D.

Answer: WOW! Dear Sammy D! You are so welcome, please, enjoy!!!

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17. DownStairs People   (07.12.2010 20:28) E-mail
Hi, Nina!! We are the math-art-rock group from russia !!! We do Like your art and vocal stile very much !!! Our incredible dream is to picture your brilliant gorgeous vocal by our strange music !!! ( You've got experience, for instance, with Apocaliptica ). May be You' ll be interested in it anyway. Here is the reference of video from our concert. Many thanks For your attention !!!!!!! smile
Answer: Ребята, скопируйте это сообщение в её немецкую гостевую книгу, там она его скорее увидит:
P.S. Играете потрясающе!

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16. Matthías Neufert [Matthías]   (23.10.2010 19:20)
Querido Miguel, thank you very much for this excellent site! smile
This is the only site that I check for Nina's news :P

See you later, amigo!

Answer: I am so glad to read it, Matthías, thank you very much!

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15. Antoinette Symons [Nettie]   (31.08.2010 10:58)
Thanks for the beautiful site! biggrin
Love Nettie
Answer: You are welcome, please, feel at home!

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14. Михаил [RW]   (29.08.2010 18:41)
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all Nina's fans I got to know for help, for joy and simply for being here!

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13. major gruber   (19.06.2010 13:08) E-mail
hello michael a small passage in your guestbook to wish you a good continuation! wink ;)
Answer: Thank you very much, dear Major Gruber! :-)

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12. Sharon   (17.06.2010 15:03) E-mail
I would love to see you!
I live in Toronto, but would go anywhere to see you!
Answer: She said that they plan Canada, too. New dates are stil to be added ;-)

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11. Sharon   (17.06.2010 15:02) E-mail
Hi Nina,
I just officially joined 'The Universe'!
Are you coming to North America, specifically, Toronto?
I love you and hope to see you tour!
Answer: Welcome, Sharon! We are all hoping to see Nina, she has been very busy since last year.

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