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55. David   (29.05.2012 23:53) E-mail
With VOLKSBEAT NIna's phrasing with the german language is strong and fluid, and she seems to practicing an amount of restraint with her vocal stylings to better serve the content of the song.
Track 6, called Das 5. Gebot is a wonderful example of this.With long winding conversational sentences,she wraps her breath and tongue around these lyrics with articulate conviction.
As with most of the album, her performances are well suited with the overall production value of the album which is direct,straightforward and almost even economical in the greatest sense of the word.
I find this all incredibly refreshing, and at this point in Nina's career it seems she is becoming less and less concerned with the mugging and cartoonish eccentricity that her fans seem to depend on her for and we are hearing more of Nina the SINGER, listening to her choices in each song as to how to breathe life into the lyrics and overall content.
Answer: The most amazing summary I have read since long ago, that's great you now have the album and enjoy it. It is really refreshing and deep, specially for those who understand German (but the secret track This Train is partially in English ;-) )

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54. David   (10.05.2012 23:37) E-mail
Yes, I did try the links on the Volksbeat homepage.
You know what, just a few minutes after having written this post I discovered ONE used copy on Amazon USA.
Might just have to go that route.
Thanks ! And thanks for a wonderful website !
Answer: It's such a relief to know that something is going to work! You are welcome, actually it's you who found the place to get it. Thanks for being here! If you wish to review of the album, we have a thread about it in the forum.

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53. David   (08.05.2012 22:08) E-mail
It's been many many months now and I STILL (!?!) haven't been able to obtain a copy of Volksbeat.I am a huge fan for many years and how is it possible I can't get her latest work !
Every ordering possibilty is from Germany , no American access , they put Personal Jesus on America itunes why not Volksbeat !!!!!!!
German Amazon does not let me enter my country on the shipping form?!?
Answer: David, I'm so sorry for you, it's really not fair :-/
You did right that you wrote about this. Did you try all these links, pointed at prelistening?
If nothing works, fill in your e-mail next time, we'll try to figure out something.

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51. Михаил [RW]   (03.02.2012 12:46)
Hi everyone,
To avoid some misunderstood: this is a fan-club of Nina. Nina Hagen's official website is: happy

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50. Kenenrire   (28.01.2012 03:28) E-mail
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49. David   (04.01.2012 23:17) E-mail
Really enjoying "Prophecy Fulfilled". The tracks actually appear to be in-studio early workings,rough sketches,demos.There are obvious moments where Nina is sort of rehearsing and going through paces to lay down a foundation for the tracks to be refined and re-worked over time.
A really interesting time in her career,the late eighties,sort of "in between" stage,transition,and you can tell by the style of some of the songs that her and Karl were exploring different styles with a wandering intention.
Her voice is quite interesting in a few tracks here too,a breathy,almost southern damsel tongue in cheek tone.
Her references to Milli Vanilli and her "cat who's name is Patsy" are truly random and hilarious in the "Rap" track...
I actually have been LAUGHING out loud while listening to this CD,it is pleasingly bazarre at times and all over the place.
Answer: It sounds to be a real diamond, thanks for your resume! Those rarity 80-s songs which are in YouTube also have that psychedelic unique atmosphere of those ages.

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48. David   (03.01.2012 05:00) E-mail
Anyone have any idea what this latest release "Nina Hagen and Karl Rucker-Prophecy Fulfilled " is all about ?
Seems to be a bunch of live tracks near the "Street" Era...
Also seems to be released by Karl Rucker,not Nina Hagen.
Its arrived on Itunes America.
Answer: Yes, it seems to be so: unreleased live performances from the second half of eighties, owned by Karl Ruecker.

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47. Doug   (02.01.2012 07:58)
Just discovered this website. Love the Paris concert!
Answer: Welcome home and thank you! :-)

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46. marko   (14.12.2011 14:33)
David I think she put no thought into this record. The most non nina album I have ever heard! Sounds like any other christian record out there....and I hate even saying that!
Will try and post the way to translation at amazon asap...

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45. David   (08.12.2011 11:36) E-mail
Oh my goodness,at risk of embarassing myself at this point-Marko-exactly WHERE IS the "translation bar" on the german Amazon ? I can go down to the very bottom of page to USA,but that just takes me to USA where Volksbeat is not listed !
Also,I would never approach any new music by Nina as if it were related to her past,ROTM is from 2000.I am certainly not the same person I was eleven years ago and would not expect Nina to be either ! Half of what I have ever heard from her is in German anyhow so the lyrical content has always been the least important to me.It is the way she uses her vocalization and phrasing that fascinates me most,and I am also always anxious to hear how her choice of producers and collaborators for each project ends up coloring the end product.Volksbeat sounds to have a carefree,loose,almost raw energy which I think most reflects the original spirit and nature of much of the tracks she chose for this CD.

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44. marko   (30.11.2011 16:58)
@ david, U can order via amazon de, just use the translation bar. U can order using english. But do not think this record picks up where Return of the Mother leaves off because it just doesnt. The cover is a re-run and the songs are a bit churchy again. The punk has sunk in a bath of holy water and the ship is sinking....and an imaginary man named jesus is failing to plug the holes.... I love nina...but I wish she really would return to her true calling as the mother of punk. With heart and eyes open for all, not just those praying along.....

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43. David   (22.11.2011 01:16) E-mail
SO ?
What does everyone think of the new album ?
Is it great ? Is it dissapointing ?
Any critical reviews ?

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42. David   (14.11.2011 23:12) E-mail
OOPs sorry I guess I had already posted the same topic a few weeks back,Thanks !
Answer: Don't worry, just let us know if you succeed to do it! ;-)

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41. David   (14.11.2011 23:08) E-mail
Anyone have any idea how an american can order VolksBeat from German Amazon ???
May have to wait for American Amazon to stock it...
Always a bit frustrating to et Nina Hard Copy CDs !
Answer: I asked te one who ordered it from there, here is what you should do:
- register & fill the form
- have a credit card or something of the kind
- put the CD in the basket
- validate with bankcard numbers
- done

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